Toprock Programs

Toprock Climbing is proud to offer a variety of programs available for members and non-members, and each and every one of them will help you develop as a climber. 


Adult Beginner Lessons - Free

If you are new at rock climbing this is the class for you. Every Monday night at 7:30PM - 8PM we run an adult beginner climbing lesson that goes over the fundamentals of rock climbing. Each week over a 10 week cycle you learn a new technique specific to rock climbing, which will help you grow as a new climber. Some of the material covered includes, basic foot work, different hand holds, proper balance, reading climbs, ect. These lessons are free to all members and there is no sign up necessary, you just have to show up! 


Sunday Kids Climb

Every Sunday Morning from 9:15AM - 10:15AM we offer a drop in kids class for kids 10 years and under. This class is meant to bring kids of the same age together to learn about rock climbing and to build their own skills. During the session we teach kids about climbing safety, and basic movements. We also try to incorporate some kind of game in, to make it extra appealing for young climbers.   

The cost of the class is $15 per participant, and there are limited spots available so please sign up today either through the link below or at our Toprock location. 

Kids photo.jpg

Youth Club

Toprock Climbing is happy to offer a 10 week climbing program for kids ages 7 - 12. This 10 week program goes over the fundamentals of rock climbing, while adding in games and activities to help motivate the kids. This class is run by two instructors who have lots of experience rock climbing. We also keep the class to a max of 12 kids, which allows us to to provide one on one time with ever child. If this is something that interests you you can sign up in the link below or you can sign up at our Toprock Location.