Toprock Climbing offers multiple school packages to fit the needs of a variety of ages and special requests.

Field Trip

Toprock Climbing is a great way to incorporate a unique physical activity into the school day. Climbing combines both physical strength with problem solving skills. Students have to figure out how to move properly on the wall in order to complete the set paths before their energy runs out. This is an activity for all ages and skill levels. We start the day with group stretches as well as an ice breaker warm-up game. Afterwards we teach the students some basic climbing technique and then proceed to rock climbing. 

The cost of the field trips include:

- 2 hours of climbing
- Climbing shoes, harness, and chalk bag rental
- 2 qualified staff members to facilitate your group

For questions or to book a field trip please call or email us!

Climbing Club

If your school has a lot of enthusiastic climbers then a climbing club may fit you the best. We offer an 8-week after school program for climbing clubs.  The club meets after school at Toprock for 1 hour with all rentals included.  Over the 8 weeks students will learn the fundamentals of climbing including body positioning, footwork and teamwork.

Give us a call or drop by for more info!