How Great it is to Grow Up With Climbing Gyms

I have said many times, if only I had started climbing at a young age I would be way better than I am now. This is very true for many of us who are now adults, since when we were under 10 there were no climbing gyms to be found nearby. On top of that, kids programs were rudimentary, and the competitive youth scene was nonexistent.


Now that climbing in Canada is starting to make its first real push, we see it developing like never before. There is a gym in practically every town, and there are competitions for all levels of climbers. Every gym also runs youth programs, and kids from different gyms and cities compete against each other in sanctioned competitions.

Our friends at The Adventure Lab posted an article on “Why You Should Take Your Kids Rock Climbing” and I think they hit the nail on the head. Since gyms and youth programs are now readily available, kids today have opportunities to learn to climb that we never had.

If you have children that are not into traditional sports, or group sports, then climbing is an activity that may be perfect for them. With little gear needed, and flexible gym hours, it is a sport that is easy to get into and an option that every child should explore. Many gyms offer introductory packages for beginners to further reduce any barriers to giving it a try. For example, we at Toprock Climbing have an Intro Package for $40 that allows you two weeks of unlimited access to try out climbing — and that includes all rental equipment.

You will never know about climbing unless you try it out. Who knows, maybe your child will be the next pro climber, or at the very least they are staying off electronics and getting active for a small chunk of their day.

Happy Climbing!