We believe that the key to a good future is through education. Climbing is a fun physical activity that teaches kids about body movement while they enjoy themselves! It's a great sport for developing self confidence, creativity, problem solving strategies, and social skills -- in addition to building strength and flexibility. Climbing is an activity that is just as much mental as it is physical, and it rewards improvement and effort equally. 

At Toprock, we offer multiple school packages to fit the needs of a variety of ages and special requests.


Field Trips

Climbing is a great way to incorporate a unique physical activity into the school day. Students have to figure out how to move up the wall to complete a set problem before their energy runs out. This is an activity for all ages and skill levels that combines strength and body awareness with problem solving skills. We start the day with a group warm up session and an ice breaker game. Afterwards, we teach the students some basic climbing techniques and then let them try their new skills on the wall. 

Our field trip package includes:

  • 2 hours of climbing

  • Climbing shoes, harness, and chalk bag rentals for all students

  • 2 qualified staff members to attend to your group and provide instruction

For questions or to book a field trip, please call us at (905)452-5444 or email us at info@toprockclimbing.com.


Climbing Clubs

Do you want to start a climbing club at your school?  We offer an 8-week after school program!  Club members meet at Toprock for 1 hour each week.  Over the course of the program students will learn the fundamentals of climbing including everything from proper body positioning and footwork, to teamwork and how to prevent injury.  All rental equipment is provided -- just show up and have fun!

Give us a call at (905)452-5444 or drop by for more information.