Our Story


Hi, we're Trevor and Kevin!

We discovered rock climbing as university students, and quickly realized that it was going to be a lifelong passion of ours.  It’s a sport that’s inherently personal, where you’re constantly challenging yourself to improve and become stronger. It’s also a social activity that exposes you to people from all walks of life who care about being active, healthy, and supportive of each other. Climbing transformed our lives in ways that we never expected, and soon we were planning all our spare time around the next opportunity we could get on real rock.

Eager to leave our desk jobs and invest in both ourselves and our community, it was only a matter of time before we turned our dream of opening a climbing gym into a reality. 


We opened Toprock Climbing as Brampton's first rock climbing gym.

While a handful of climbing gyms have been running in Toronto for years (decades even!), we were surprised that the growing city of Brampton didn’t have its own facility. It’s a long commute into Toronto during rush hour, and a difficult journey to make in order for weekend warriors to stay strong.  We saw the opportunity to help Bramptonites stay dedicated to the sport, and knew that we would be able to introduce more people to the wonderful world of climbing. Since opening in March 2017, we have seen the climbing community in Brampton grow quickly — and they’re getting stronger every day.

Perfect for families, first time climbers and experienced rock crushers alike, Toprock is the place to have fun and learn new skills. We're a climbing gym run by climbers -- whenever we're not in the gym, we're most likely working on an outdoor climbing project somewhere.  We take pride in setting creative and inspiring problems for our members, and we work hard to keep things both interesting and challenging! We are the ideal venue for training to climb on real rock, and we often use inspiration from the outdoors to fuel our sets.

In August 2018 we had a friendly climbing competition with problems that recreated some classic boulders in the Niagara Glen.

Our gym is a place to both work out and hang out.

You don't need to come with a climbing partner -- bouldering makes it easy to just show up and meet people here.  Toprock is a very welcoming and social gym. It’s a great place to meet new people, and we take pride in having facilitated so many lasting friendships. We’re not your traditional business owners who open the doors and then leave the business to run itself; we enjoy spending time with our members, and we’re often present climbing and socializing with them. It’s a great community and the enthusiasm for climbing is contagious.

And though we encourage training and are dedicated climbers ourselves, we also like to celebrate how fun climbing can be on a regular basis. Toprock is just as much a place to hang out as it is to focus on drills. We’ve celebrated birthdays, had movie nights, and performed during open mic sessions together.  You may have seen us featured in RAYM's On a V6 Climbing Parody video -- we definitely don’t take things too seriously!

This is our second home, and we invite you to make it yours as well.  Come join us, we're excited to meet you!