Awesome Climbing Films to Inspire

Climbing films shouldn’t be left out when making a choice on what to watch. There are many epic titles out there that everyone can enjoy. Here are a couple films that I would recommend to anyone, climber and non-climber alike!

The Sharp End
This was the first climbing film that I ever watched. It inspired me to start climbing outside and to push my limits as a climber. The film looks at the intersection where impossible meets possible for outdoor sports like ice climbing, mountaineering, free soloing, base jumping, and more. The feats completed in the film are nothing short of amazing, and I have been hooked on climbing ever since!

The Dawn Wall
The Dawn Wall is about climbing a seemingly impossible wall that no one around you thinks can be done. It could have been a script right out of a Hollywood film, but in fact is a documentary of a real life accomplishment. Tommy Caldwell’s life is an epic tale, so much so I could not take my eyes off the screen. It is always inspiring to see someone face adversity and come out on top.

Reel Rock 7
The Reel Rock series has been producing climbing films for over a decade and they have had many classics. Reel Rock 7 has been my favorite so far since it had a little bit of everything. From small town Brit boys going from no experience to two years later taking down the hardest crack line in the world; to Chris Sharma completing the hardest climb in the world at the time. This selection of short films was so good, I borrowed it from my friend and kept it for multiple years……..

Alone on the Wall or Free Solo
Alex Honnold is an amazing climber who has some of the best free solo ascents in the world. There have been many films that have showcased his epic feats and here are two that I would put at the top. Both films are more about the cinematography and his ideals, than the pure climbing experience. My palms sweat every time I watch this film.

The Valley Uprising
The climbing history of Yosemite Valley is more unique than any other place in the world because it is filled with climbers doing crazy things. This documentary plays out as a film and goes through the history of the valley while showcasing the shenanigans of past climbing legends.

I hope that you are able to watch a couple of these films and get psyched for climbing! I’d also like to give a shout out to Dosage, a sweet series of hardcore climbing films. These films are targeted more toward hard core climbers and not the general public, but are great for an inspiring watch!

Kevin Allen